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About Us


The Friends of Cherokee Marsh is a nonprofit organization of volunteers that collaborates with professional staff at Madison Parks, Dane County Parks, and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to protect, restore, and promote enjoyment of the wetlands and uplands of the Cherokee Marsh and their flora and fauna. 
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Why join the Friends?


Preservation. Restoration. Advocacy. Education. Enjoyment.


Your membership dues help us fund hands-on nature education for youth; augment the restoration efforts of city, county, and state land managers; offer interpretive signage and activities for all ages; and improve accessibility to the marsh lands.

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Our mission

We work to protect, restore, and foster appreciation and enjoyment of Cherokee Marsh’s lands, waters, and living beauty.

Our vision

Cherokee Marsh is vital to the ecology of the Yahara lakes and waters. The marsh is a place of great beauty, a natural treasure alive with diverse native plants and animals, and a refuge for he renewal of the human spirit. People value Cherokee Marsh for its educational and recreational opportunities, filtering of stormwater runoff, tempering of flood surges, and other wetland functions.

Contact Us

Friends of Cherokee Marsh
PO Box 14536
Madison WI 53708

​Board of Directors

Jan Axelson (president)

Timothy Baker (vice president)

Lesleigh Luttrell (treasurer)

Wendy Murkve (secretary)

Mary Binkley

Sheila Leary

Linda Malkin

Jim Mand

Paul Noeldner

Ed Snyder



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